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Electric Motorcycles And Scooters Export To Colombo And Sri Lanka
Oct 17, 2017

On the 12th and 13th of October, these two days are the busiest days for us. Because there were 20ft container electric scooter exporting to Colombo and 40ft container cool electric motorcycle exporting to Sri Lanka.

Because there are too many electric motorcycles and electric scooters we need to export, and can’t package in advance, otherwise there are no place to put electric motorcycles and electric scooters. So on the 12th, we start packing electric motorcycles and electric scooter.



On the 13th,  in the morning, we began to delivery the 40ft container electric scooter to Sri Lanka. There are 2000w electric scooter, 1000w electric scooter, 72v electric scooter, 2 person electric scooter, and suitable for students and adults.


And in the afternoon, we started delivery the 20ft container cool electric motorcycle to Colombo. They are street electric motorcycles, fastest electric motorcycle, motorcycle -shaped electric bicycle, all the models look very cool. They are suitable for adults and men.


Although everyone worked very late, they had a nice time together. There is a saying in China “in unity there is strength” .