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Electric Motorcycle Batteries Are Used For Long Periods Of Time
Sep 14, 2017

In fact, the more important thing about electric scooters is itself. When winter comes, the maintenance of electric scooters is of course extremely important.

The maintenance of electric motorcycle is generally divided into the following steps:

1. Firstly, we need to charge more. Since the mainstream batteries are still lead-acid batteries, we should charge more, so as to avoid affecting the use of electric motorcycle for a long time, we need to charge more

2, at ordinary times of car maintenance more keen, when encountering an car to the designated place to repair, and also had better when we are climbing a hill to other so we can help with the feet, so that we can not damage the battery

3. The car needs to be lubricated regularly, which is also the guarantee of using electric motorcycle for a long time

So the important point that general is electric motorcycle maintenance is above these three points, but still have a few details to maintain to need to think for oneself.


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