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What’s the damage of charging too much and lack of charging? How to charge?
Oct 12, 2017

After buying the cool electric motorcycle, for user, the most important thing is how to charge. Because many people don’t know the method of charging. As we know, if we charge the cool electric motorcycle in a reasonable way, then not only can lengthen applying range, but also can extend batteries’ life.

So, do you know how to charging cool electric motorcycle in the best way? As a matter of fact, in our daily life, lots of people make mistakes. For example, charging too much and lack of charging. These behaviour have a great negative impact on batteries’ life.


Meanwhile, in the process, it also consumes sulfuric acid from the liquid inside the battery and releases more heat. After a long time, this case will be more serious, have a strong impact on batteries’ life of cool electric motorcycle. So when the user realizes the harm and to master the right method necessary.

In fact, when we ride the cool electric motorcycle, keep in good running condition, so when you ride the cool electric motorcycle, the distance is 60%-70% of range, this is the best time to charge the battery. In this way, not only could prevent damage, but also could prevent release capacity

Of course, everyone has different habit, so we need to consider the cycle of charging in our daily life. If you always ride the cool electric motorcycle, so it is the best time to charge cool electric motorcycle when the distance is 50% of range.

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