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What kind of situation need to maintain the battery of cool electric motorcycle?
Oct 07, 2017

As the user, we must understand the problem, that is when we charging the battery, we need pay attention to how to maintain the battery when in some cases,in order to ensurer ride the cool electric as usual. Otherwise, it may be damage the battery , so that it will influence the life of battery. 

Do you know what kind of situation need maintain the battery of cool electric motorcycle? First, when you ride the cool electric motorcycle as usual, find the battery capacity is reducing obviously, in other words, the speed slow down, then it needs charging and maintain the battery; Second, if you find the backward cell, also need maintain battery in time; Third, if the battery lost fluid, and after add the fluid, also need maintain it , to improve the performance.

two wheel electric bike.png

In addition to these cases above all, there are also have some cases. On the one hand, if we don’t ride cool electric motorcycle for a long time, then after long placement, also need maintain battery. On the other hand, the battery has a serious discharge problem, or working under a low temperature for a long time, also need maintain the battery, for fear that influence it’s performance.


Furthermore, one problem, that is when you charging the battery of cool electric motorcycle, insure the charger is suitable for battery. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on the battery.

In a word, when you are in the cases above, as a user, we need maintain the battery . Remember and check if your battery of cool electric motorcycle has the same problem.

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