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What is the maximum output power and maximum output torque of an electric tricycle motor?
Jan 31, 2019

As an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly transportation and transportation tool, electric tricycles have been widely favored by users since their birth. For electric tricycles, the maximum output power of the motor is a key indicator to measure the output torque capability of the electric vehicle. Generally, each manufacturer will set a maximum working current according to its own technical level. When the external load is large, the working current of the electric vehicle When the maximum is reached, the input power reaches its maximum value.


It should be noted that in the high current state, some electric tricycle motors may still operate at high efficiency, but some motors may experience severe efficiency degradation. That is to say, if the maximum torque of the two vehicles is different, the vehicle's ability to climb, allow the load capacity and the ability to resist wind resistance will be very different, and the feeling of riding is completely different.


For consumers, when purchasing an electric tricycle, if you need to test the maximum output torque of the car, the easiest way is to “carry the weight”.

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