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What is the function of controller?
Feb 26, 2018

As we know, for electric motorcycle, the most important parts of electric motorcycle are battery, controller, motor and charger. the mainly function of battery is provide power, so what is the function of controller?

In fact, controller is very important thing for electric motorcycle. At first, controlller is the main part to drive motor rotation. Next, controller can change the electricity of motor, so that change the speed.

In addition, when we drive electric motorcycle, the controller can pass the auxiliary function of the brake, cut off the output current, force the electric motorcycle to stop, and control the brake. In addition, the controller also has a over current protection function. In other words, if the current is too large, the action of the protective device forces the motor to stop, thus avoiding the harm of over current to the motor and the controller.

Not only that, there are some electric motorcycle controller also has a number of other more advanced protections, such as limit speed protection and other functions. In addition to these effects, the controller can be used to detect the battery voltage, battery voltage in the storage near the end of discharge voltage , through the control panel to display power shortage, remind riders to adjust their travel.

Through the introduction above, we can see that when the electric motorcycle reaches its termination voltage, then through the sampling resistor signal to the comparator, the output circuit protection signal, which can protect the circuit according to the preset program instructions, cut off the current to protect the charger and battery.

This article in order to share the function of controller with others. So suggest us, when we choose the electric motorcycle, also need pay more attention to the function and quality of controller.

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