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Welcome to EICMA in Italy
Oct 19, 2017

After Nanjing Exhibition,there are an international exhibition will come—— EICMA in Italy.

We are all looking forward to it in November.

Milan motorcycle Expo, Milan Bicycle Show, Milan skateboard exhibition are called EICMA. This is a big exhibition, everyone is interested in it, and wants to enter the exhibition. I think there are many kinds of electric motorcycle will be showed: powerful adult electric motorcycle, electric motorcycle with lithium battery, racing electric motorcycle, sport electric motorcycle, etc.

For electric scooter: high quality electric scooter, off road electric scooter, classic electric scooter, fashion electric scooter and so on.

About electric tricycle, I think adult electric tricycle with passenger seat and heavy cargo electric tricycle, must be very popular.


Can’t you wait to go to the EICMA? Let's look forward to November 7th to 12th

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