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Tips for using electric tricycles:
Nov 07, 2018

As a travel tool or cargo tool for many families. we need to check carefully whether the lights, meters, speakers and indicators are working properly ; Check the battery indicator to indicate if the battery is fully charged; Check the controller, the surface of the motor for water, whether the mounting bolts are loose, and whether there is a short circuit; check if the tire pressure meets the driving needs before using the electric tricycles.


At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the brake system and steering system of the electric tricycle are normal and flexible. In the process of starting, insert the key into the power switch, make the rocker switch in the neutral state, turn the key right, turn on the power, adjust the steering, press the electric horn. The driver should hold the direction and keep his eyes on the front. Don't look around and avoid distraction. Turn the rocker switch to the forward state, slowly turn the speed control knob, and the electric car starts smoothly.


Note that during the driving of the electric tricycle, we need to control the speed of the vehicle in combination with the actual situation of the road surface. When the brake is not required, it is strictly forbidden to put the foot on the brake pedal to prevent the brake from being in a semi-bonded state, causing the friction plate to burn. On low-lying roads, drive at low speeds and hold the handles with both hands to prevent the violent vibration of the direction from hurting your fingers or wrists.

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