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The way to maintain battery of electric motorcycle in hot summer.
Jul 11, 2018

For now, more and more people ride electric motorcycle when they go out, so it is very important that maintain battery in so hot summer. So how to maintain the battery, which is the electrical power of electric motorcycle? Let's listen to the expert's advice:

First, should correctly grasp the charging time of electric motorcycle. As usual, charging battery in the all night, and average charging time is about 8hours. When the battery is discharged at a depth of 60%-70%, the charge is optimal. In actual use, it can be converted into range, and the necessary charging is performed according to the actual situation to avoid harmful charging.

In addition to, ride the electric motorcycle need avoid high temperature exposure in the summer. Because if the temperature higher, it is easy to cause increasing the internal pressure of the battery and the battery pressure limiting valve is forced to open automatically. The direct consequence is to increase the water loss of the battery. The excessive water loss of the battery will inevitably lead to a decrease in battery activity, accelerate the softening of the plate, and heat the shell during charging. Fatal damage such as drums and deformation.


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