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The selection of batteries for electric vehicles is very important
Jun 21, 2018

For electric vehicle users, the choice of batteries is a very important issue. High quality batteries can not only greatly reduce consumers' late use and maintenance costs. At present, there are different types of electric vehicle batteries on the market, and the price differences between different brands are relatively large, and the difference between lithium batteries is even greater.


The batteries of electric vehicles may be difficult for ordinary people to distinguish. As consumers, we can choose batteries by brands, so as to effectively avoid bad batteries. In order to avoid fakes, consumers can also choose not to buy batteries in the vehicle shops, and the choice to the battery franchise agency, it can guarantee the quality of the battery.


It should be noted that at the same time, the quality of electric vehicle charger is also a key issue. Charger not only has direct impact on safety, but also has a direct impact on battery life. Therefore, it is suggested that consumers choose high quality chargers so that they can ensure safety and ensure the service life of electric vehicle batteries.

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