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The Reasonable Use of Electric Bike’s Battery
Jul 07, 2018

In order to avoid the premature failure of battery and extend its service life,the battery should be reasonable used during riding.For electric bikes, the uniformity of the battery pack has a considerable effect on the service life of the battery.For the consumer, how to use it reasonably will also have a certain impact on the balance and consistency of the battery, thus affecting its service life.

To solve this problem,and considering years of usage analysis,we should use battery rationally as the following :

1.The speed of electric bike is better to keep around 20-25km/h

2.Riding distance around 10-30km/per day,the depth of discharge is less than or equal to 70% (one deep discharge is performed every 2 months).

3.It is better that Charging once every day.

4.Cargo capacity: Single riding(carry one child under the age of 10).

In accordance with this method, a better quality electric vehicle can normally be used for 3 to 4 years or even longer.

The shallower the battery discharge depth is, the longer the cycle life and service life of the battery is.

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