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The performance parameters and Design principles of the heavy load Luba Electric vehicle
Jan 13, 2018

Speaking of heavy-duty Luba electric vehicle, I believe everyone will think that it is different from the ordinary electric vehicle we usually use. Of course, it is mainly based on its performance parameters to distinguish. Usually. In judging the performance parameters of the heavy-duty Luba electric vehicle mainly include the following: shape dimension, center distance between front and rear wheel, minimum clearance between ground and wheel diameter etc. Of course, we also need to look at the rated voltage, maximum speed, acceleration, weight, and braking performance of the Luba electric vehicle when it comes to actual purchase. For example, the rated output power, rated speed and motor efficiency are important parameters to be examined. In addition to the above parameters, in fact, in the purchase, we also need to take into account the load Luba electric vehicle controller and the parameters of the charger settings.

So when it comes to the design. What are the basic principles to be observed? Obviously, when we have a simple understanding of the relevant parameters of the heavy-duty Luba electric, we might as well understand its design principles. Usually, in the design of the body. Scientific design is mainly based on ergonomics, mechanics of materials, and aesthetic principles. As for controller components, analog, digital, and fuzzy techniques are often incorporated in the design process.

Of course, the heavy-duty Luba electric vehicle is usually use a new type of high quality motor. In addition, the whole frame is generally made of high quality material. Of course, there will be some other principles when designing the heavy-duty Luba electric vehicle and these basic principles are to better meet the user's requirements.

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