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The new skill for maintain electric motorcycle in the rainy day.
May 02, 2018

Each rainy time, it is very difficult to ride the electric motorcycle. At first, when we ride the electric motorcycle, we not only pay the attention to the safety, but also maintain electric motorcycle in the rainy day. When we face these problems, some clients don’t know how to solve this problem at all, now we want to share more useful skills, hope can help you.

First, before we go out, must check the electric motorcycle. This is also the basic condition to avoid trouble in the later stage. Do you know what the main places we need to check? In fact, when we ride electric motorcycle in the rainy day, we need ensure safety, so must check the brake, lights, and tires before riding electric motorcycle.

Only meet the three requirements together, we can go out at ease. The second main thing also in order to ensure safety, when we riding electric motorcycle, must with the low speed, especially in rainy day. Because the wet road, it is easy to happen accident. Especially, there is much water on the road, it is better to avoid it to reduce the damage of electric motorcycle.

Third, after arrive home safely, maintain electric motorcycle in time. Check the spare parts, and put the electric motorcycle at dry and ventilated place. Must pay more attention to if the water inside or not.

If the spare parts of electric motorcycle is wet, wipe off the water with a dry rag. Hope you can pay attention to these problems and protect your electric motorcycle.

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