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The main spare parts of electric motorcycle and maintain on the daily life.
Feb 28, 2018

The outside of electric motorcycle is similar as gasoline motorcycle, but it mainly depend on battery. In comparison, the speed is fastest than electric bicycle. The battery is the power source, so when you choose the electric motorcycle, it is very important to pay more attention on battery. As we know, the battery not only influence the range, but also connect with other spare parts.

So when we check the battery, on the one hand, must with high quality; on the other hand, need consider about the life of battery. For the same reason, charger is also very important. Because the quanlity of the charger can influence the life of battery. So when you choose the charger, need pay more attention to the factory and specification.

In addition to, motor and controller are very important parts for electric motorcycle. The main function of motor is start driving ebike and add the speed. the main fucnction of controller is change the speed, brake and some others. So when you order the electric motorcycle, must be testing is by yourself.

Of course, Maintenance is also an important factor affecting its performance. There are some suggestions: 1. check the wires, if all the wires are ok, and connect with each other; 2.check the brake, safety is the most important thing;3. check the battery, as belove we said, battery is the main parts for electric motorcycle.

For battery, if you didn’t charge the battery in time, it can influence the life of battery. don’t forget, when you charge, the charger need suitable for battery, and need use the correct way to charge it. In a word, when you ride the electric motorcycle in daily life, need maintain it, so that can prolong life.

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