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The main feature and basic composition of electric load bicycle.
Nov 20, 2017

Compare with other models, the main difference of electric load bicycle is in three aspects.

First, electric load bicycle has the more improve motor and control technique, so it has these advantages: load more goods, more power, stable performance and so on. For the load capacity and specification, customer could choose it for personal requirements.

Second, electric load bicycle also has the advantage on the whole system characteristics, it is because electric load bicycle with professional frame. And the frame has good rust prevention, corrosion resistance, and its structure is more robust, which also ensures the service life of the electric load bicycle.

Third,consider about the remind of electric load bicycle, so for the design, choose the unique design method, reduce the vibration and motor noise, so as to make the ride more pleasant, and at the same time ,reduce pollution.

Analysis structure of electric load bicycle, the three main parts are battery, motor and controller. The electrical system includes power system, control and auxiliary system. The power system mainly refers to the battery, motor and other components, and control and auxiliary system is mainly composed of controller, accelerator, switch and charger.For now, electric load bicycle mainly use lead acid battery. But also have customers choose lithium battery, it is according to personal preference.

The above is mainly for a brief introduce about performance characteristics on electric load bicycle. I believe that after learn these information, everyone will be familiar with electric load bicycle.

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