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The featured of MV-L3 E-vehicle
Apr 17, 2018

Compare with common E-Vehicle , Our MV-L3 has its superior in loading and power ,Which has higher requirement for electric spare parts .For example electri motor ,battery , and etc .


Besides , Electric controller also has its higher requirement .Electric controller should have  a function to locked the electricity ,in case of vehicle move during taboo state , When  touch the bottom of accelerate or break ,Electric controller should ensure vehicle no other action .For example , When break the vehicle ,the vehicle should not move suddenly , Also  electric controller should ensure vehicle has smooth speed during running .


Except above , Our MV-L3 scooter also has similar function to motorcycle ,like Lamps ,Break , For assemble vehicle ,Electrical indicator should be in Green color , Also should show the balance electricity of the vehicle .

For MV-L3 vehicle , The vehicle’s max speed , climbing capacity ,Accelerate ,Electricity consumption ,Mileage ,Electric output power should based on Industry requirement ,


In addition ,The Insulation of Electric vehicle also has its requirement , 1) Ensure best breaking vehicle ,when break lever of break pedal in 3/4 ,Break pedal within 400N , Break Level within 250N .During driving ,Vehicle should break suddenly .

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