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The electric car industry is expected to be more innovative in the next decade
Sep 14, 2017

Electric cars, as a new energy vehicle, are widely regarded in the industry. Currently, many cities encourage electric cars to travel, and in places like Beijing and Shanghai, the government has a number of preferential policies.

Recently, the ministry of transport has issued "about accelerating the popularization and application of the new energy vehicles in the transportation industry implementation opinion guidance, predicts 2020, the country's new energy automotive industry begun to take shape, in urban public transport, logistics distribution, taxi and other fields, the total amount to 300000. At that time, the new energy vehicle supporting facilities will be substantially improved, operating efficiency and safety level will be significantly improved, and the new energy vehicles will be unlimited, unlimited purchase and appropriate relaxation of indicators.

It is reported that electric car in henan province now shows a figure. As a large agricultural province, the development of henan economy depends on the improvement of industrial industrialization level, especially the development of automobile industry.

It can be said that in the new energy vehicle and battery areas, market demand will be increasing. Both hybrid and electric buses and electric taxis are potential drivers of the province's future development. There are media reports that henan province has the capacity to produce 50, 000 new energy vehicles per year.

The excitement is that electric cars are a lot less environmentally driven than traditional cars, and electric cars have become popular abroad. Today, pure electric cars around the world are becoming a vehicle for ordinary citizens, even in countries such as Europe and the United States, where citizens can buy electric cars and enjoy certain subsidies from the government.

Especially in the haze period, electric cars are encouraged to travel well. We know that pollutants such as CO, HC and NOX, particulates, odor and other pollutants emitted by the internal combustion engine can form acid rain acid fog and photochemical smog. Electric cars are less environmentally damaging and less noisy than the internal combustion engines.

In recent years, henan local electric car companies, are eyeing opportunities and increase the intensity of research and development and production, and even many peer enterprises also choose in henan province invested heavily in research and development of electric passenger cars.

Here, linzhou shunfeng electric vehicle co., LTD. Is a typical representative enterprise. At the end of 2013, the joint a car company investment cooperation, jointly build an annual output of 100000 industrial park, is mainly engaged in car super platform, new energy vehicles and related products research and development and manufacturing.

It is reported that the project covers an area of 400 mu, with a total investment of more than 1 billion yuan, including 300 million yuan of plant investment and more than 700 million yuan of equipment investment. After completion, the standardized workshop will reach more than 100,000 square meters, greatly promoting the development of the electric vehicle market in the province.

It can be said that the joint development strategy promoted by the company not only meets the market demand but also receives support and guidance from local government and relevant policies. Linzhou city along abundant electric vehicle co., LTD. Moreover, but also is the development opportunity, seize the "Internet +" combination of Chinese libraries jointly established the Chinese electric vehicle network, to build intelligent ecological system, Internet can not only promote the electric car products of this enterprise, and can promote the brand marketing.

Finally, citing an industry veteran's analysis: the future of electric vehicles is good, and the development of the electric car industry is expected to be high in the next decade.

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