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The development of electric vehicles abroad affects the electric vehicle industry in China
Sep 14, 2017

In terms of actual market, the development of electric vehicle industry has been very rapid in recent years. First is the environment, a lot of abroad have this kind of consciousness, the development of science and technology is not accompanied by the destruction of the environment and growth, Japan development for so many years, also does not have this kind of consciousness at the beginning, just to make money, is a good environment, one is the policies, laws and regulations, is a research and development of environment. The second reference from development to production and production of a chain, South Korea is introduced at first, but they, after introduction of independent research and development, to use their enterprises, the government is encouraging, and then developed, people want to use, this also is the government guidance. Today's national government departments have this kind of guiding electric green energy.

Come back, why are e-bikes so successful? Because the market, the demand of social development, people can accept, and love. You want the market to accept that the government wants to create such an environment. To protect the environment must be recommended by the department of government and advocate, a lot of people think electric cars compared with abroad of China, there are some gap, the gap exists, but the domestic electric car industry has been bad, performance is particularly prominent in some places, one of the main reasons is the electric bicycle is one of the cars, they have gap with foreign auto industry itself, not to master the core technology, the production of automobile old two old three in the world, most is a joint venture, not their own brands, said in front of the electric bicycle is one of the cars, homebred started late, it's parts in small factory not pass, you get a hybrid, full computer control, all has the engine control, now also can't fully control engine.

In a transmission, is controlled by computer, now this is not completely pass, motor, battery, completely pass is to achieve the requirements of the market, today's lithium electric vehicle is the mainstream of the market development, can completely replace the previous old batteries battery, but it must be slowly to the market, after all, still a lot of old products.

Then there is the use of technology, electric bikes are cars and electrical technology, and we want to combine technology with electrical technology better. The hybrid power 1+1 > 2, electric power will be the advantage of electric power. We need to strengthen our research and development capabilities, and launch our own brand. The tianjin electric vehicle manufacturer believes that we can develop our own special electric vehicle through the characteristics of China. In this way, our electric car features and performance will definitely surpass foreign countries.

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