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The daily maintenance of electric tricycle
Sep 14, 2017

In general, the maintenance and maintenance of electric tricycles is usually required in the following aspects:

1. Before moving, we need to do some routine checks on it, such as checking the lock of the battery box, and then whether the lights are normal or not;

2. When driving on a rainy day, once the water depth of the pavement exceeds the center of the electric wheel, it is best to choose not to ride; otherwise, it can be safely used.

3. The vehicle should avoid the place where the air is wet, the temperature is too high and corrosive gas, so as to avoid chemical corrosion on the surface of the electroplating paint surface of the metal parts;

4. It should be avoided in the hot sun and rain, so as not to damage the components in the controller, causing the operation failure, etc.;

5. The structure of electrical control is complicated, and users should not uninstall and repair it without authorization. If the local charging voltage is unstable, it is easy to fuse the charger fuse, and it is recommended to use ac stabilizer.

6. The electric tricycle feels heavier when it goes backward, and it is normal to push the wheel hub in the front of the wheel.

7. The cycling should not be overloaded and should not be placed too heavy and with people to avoid damaging the battery and motor.

So usually the daily maintenance and maintenance of electric tricycles mainly include the above, and of course, it is certainly beneficial to be more careful.

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