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Technical requirements for simple electric vehicle painted spare parts
Mar 28, 2018

With the development of simple electric vehicle industry, its design is more and more humanized, at the same time, the requirements of its production details are more and more strict .Changing a tiny detail of many designs,a surprise would be given to consumers, and make consumers feel that this design is really from where they stand and bring convenience to them.

In fact, in the process of the whole industry technology upgrading,not only the strict requirements to the several key components,but also the improvement to the other components of the electric vehicles. For example, the technical requirements to the painted spare parts is very strict.

Normally,The painting technical requirements to Simple electric vehicles mainly including following:

Firstly,Looking around the surface of simple electric vehicles,it shouldnt have Vertical flow, scratch, chromatic aberration, granule, hemp Point, leakage spray, bad decals.Secondly,When checking the surface, if there is an uncertain chromatic aberration, it must be compared with the color plate.Thirdly,Each batch of products must do surface adhesion test, a grid or blade could be used to do adhesion test.Fourthly,for the color which it is easy to fade and discoloured,Using the waste decals paper and tape to wrap the part of painted spare parts,and then take it to UV-curing line and ultraviolet lamp 3 to 5 times to see whether the product has obvious changes.

Except the requirements above mentioned,We also need to test the painted quality of the Electric vehicles painted spare parts.For example,using nails to draw several times on a completely cooled finished surface and observe whether the surface has obvious scratches.Moreover, the film thickness of simple electric vehicles should reach to or more than 0.2mm.

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