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Structure principle and function of electric motorcycle.
Aug 24, 2018

Controller not only the main part of electric motorcycle, but also the drive System of electric motorcycle. When drive the electric motorcycle, it is main function is to control the speed of the motor. The controller cooperates with the speed handle to control the speed of motor, can be powered off with the brake. And through the meter show the voltage, under voltage and range.

Otherwise, in some electric motorcycle, there are also others functions in the controller, includes GPS, soft start, mileage calculation, display, electric brake, smart power control, and other functions.

For electric motorcycle, nearly all the controller uses pulse width control. The controller mainly controls the opening and closing time of the power tube through the pulse signal, thereby controlling the sequence and time of the motor commutation, and determining the steering and rotation speed of the motor. The electric vehicle controller must have a PWM generator circuit, a power supply circuit, a power device, a power device drive circuit, a control component signal acquisition and processing circuit, and an over current and under voltage protection circuit.

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