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Share a skill of riding electric tricycle.
May 04, 2018

Because of the sample riding, electric tricycles are very popular. Many people think it is very sample to ride electric tricycle, so dont need pay more attention on it, actually we also need know more knowledge, now let me share more knowledge about the riding.

First, in order to ensure the Service life, It is best not to make the riding electric tricycle start at zero when it with big heavy or the gradient is steeper. It is suggested that we can push with the manpower when starting. When it has a speed, then turn to electric driving. That because when the etricycle starting, the motor must overcome the static friction force. At this time, the current will be larger, even close to the resistance current, so that large current though the battery and make the power consumption increase. It may even cause some adverse effects on the battery.

Next, when we ride the electric tricycle, if it is the poor road or the gradient is steeper, suggest you keep the speed slow down, or push with the manpower. And riding it, dont always brake or start it. And it is best to keep low speed in places with large traffic.

Finally, although the electric tricycle with rain proof performance, in order to keep safety, it is better that dont ride in the raining day, the water cant over the half of wheels. If you ride in the rainy day, please dry the motor as soon as possible.

In a word, when we ride the electric tricycles, we remember that the safe always the most important thing. So be carefully, at the same time, hope can keep safe when riding electric tricycles.

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