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Related components and functions of electric bikes.
Jun 14, 2018

Electric bike is a new type of modern mechatronics personal transportation. This Vehicle mainly uses the storage battery as the power source.and it also has the operating components such as the motor, the controller, the turn handle, brake handle and the display system. Now we would briefly introduce the relevant components of electric bike.

First of all,Charger for electric bike would be introduced and charger is a device to supplement the battery power. In the process of charging, it is mainly divided into two stages of charging mode and three-stage mode. The two-stage charging mode refers to the constant voltage charging. The charging current gradually decreases with the rise of the battery voltage. When the battery power is replenished to a certain extent, the battery voltage will rise to the charger's set value, and then convert to trickle charge.

And the three-stage charging mode means that when the electric bike is being charged, the constant-current charging is used at the initial stage to quickly supplement the battery. when the battery voltage rises and increases to a constant voltage, the battery energy is slowly replenished, and the battery voltage continues to rise. When the charger reaches to termination voltage , a trickle charge is performed to maintain the self-discharge current of the battery and the supplied battery.

The controller is also an indispensable and important part for the Bikes. The controller is a component that controls the speed of the motor and is the core of the electrical system of the electric bike. It has undervoltage protection, current limiting, and overcurrent protection. The intelligent controller also has a variety of riding modes and self-checking functions of the vehicle's electrical components. The controller is the core component of vehicle energy management and various control signal processing. In addition, the turn handle, the brake handle are signal input parts of the controller. The turn handle is the drive signal for motor rotation.

More importantly, electric bike also includes lamps and meters. These components are mainly provide lighting and show the status of the electric bike. The meter generally provides battery voltage display, speed display, riding status display, lighting status display. Some smart meters in the market also have the function of displaying the fault conditions of all electrical components of the bike.

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