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Reasons for three faults of electric vehicles
Nov 28, 2018

Electric vehicles are popular with consumers in the market, but they will also encounter some problems in use. For example, when riding, it feels very laborious and slow.  In this case, it should be checked:1、Is the brake locked?  2、Whether the air pressure of inner tube is suitable?  3、Is the battery voltage sufficient? 4、Does it exceed the limit gradient or top wind?


Secondly, if it is found that the driving distance of electric vehicles is significantly shorter, then the measures to be taken at this time are as follows: 1、If it is the reason for long-term battery placement, the battery should be supplemented first;2、Whether the tire pressure is insufficient, inflate; 3、Check whether the brake is too tight and rub the rim, adjust the brake;4、Is the battery charged adequately? Supplementary charging;5、Whether there is uphill or headwind, pedal-assisted driving;6、If the temperature is too cold, the battery energy will not be released.


Another case is that after eight hours of battery charging, the electric vehicle can only run 10 kilometers. The reasons included are:1、Battery aging: replacement or repair;2、Partial short circuit of motor: replacement or repair;3、Controller damage: replacement or repair;4、Charger output voltage is low and battery charge is unsatisfactory: replacement or repair of chargers

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