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Man-machine criteria in the design of electric motorcycles
Sep 25, 2018

For electric motorcycles’ design, people require the best design and structure. As usual, the main goal is safety, healthy and comfortable,therefore, it is necessary to study the structural and functional characteristics of the human body. Provides parameters such as the size and body surface area of each part of the human body, and designs the low-position electric motorcycle that is most suitable for the driver to ride according to the mean value of the characteristic residuals.

When designing this kind of electric motorcycle, you can use the barrel design for the seat of electric motorcycle, and support the human body in all directions, which can be adjusted to suit different groups of people. The seat adopts an approximate curved surface design to effectively support the whole body when sitting down, especially on the thigh and the sides of the body. The headrest design ensures the naturality of the cervical vertebra and prevents neck discomfort caused by long driving.

At the same time, the advantage of this design is that it can reduce static fatigue during the long-time riding of the electric motorcycle, which is beneficial to the health of the body and the improvement of work quality and labor efficiency. In addition, the electric motorcycle is mainly streamlined in shape, the center of gravity of the seat is low, and the curved surface design of the human machine is adopted, and the design is novel and bold and beautiful.

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