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Loading king electric vehicles have strong ability to pull cargo
Mar 29, 2018

In recent years, the domestic electric vehicle industry has become the pioneer of green environmental protection. About 56% of the people are investigating the reason why consumers buy electric vehicles to meet their demands of going out, and about 42% of them are mainly used to pull cargo. Obviously, there are a considerable number of consumers need the e-vehicles with strong ability to pull goods - Loading king electric vehicles just to meet the use requirements of this part of consumers.


In fact, the performance of loading and pulling goods of loading king e-vehicles is mainly decided by the key parts of the motor, batteries, frame etc. Thus, we will then analyse it from these aspects and hope to help you. At present, there are many 72V24AH batteries on the market. The power storage capacity of this kind of battery is strong, and the output voltage is strong and stable.


In order to further improve the performance of loading king e-vehicles, we are also particularly optimized on the motor of the e-vehicles. High quality motor is used to make the energy consumption of the electric vehicle lowest and the efficiency of the motor obviously improved. At the same time, it can save certain energy and improve speed, which is about 20% faster than that of the ordinary electric vehicle.


The most economical and practical advantages of loading king e-vehicles is riding far, it also can meet the requirements of large loading. Usually, this type of electric vehicle has the good appearance, and it has the design with super long and long wide space for the front footrest, which can make feet move freely, and can also store large items such as beer box, big bagged fertilizer, rice, barreled water and so on. In addition, it has the big rear carrier with high strength, with strong rigidity and good toughness , it is convenient for carrying goods.


It is known by the above introduction, at present, when the producing of loading king e-vehicles and their key components, we will continually use more advanced technology, which also makes the loading king e-vehicles really reflects the strong performance to pull cargo.


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