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Load electric bike requirements of technical function and specification.
May 07, 2018

When the progress of design and assemble load electric bike. First, the design for the whole size of load electric bike, includes Length, width, height, center distance of front and rear wheels, minimum length from ground and so on. At the same time, also need consider specification require of load electric bike system, includes Voltage and power.

At the same time, when design it, also need consider the specification of load electric bike, for example, braking system (braking mode, standard braking distance, etc.), range( one time charging, the full range). otherwise, consider the spare parts: battery (battery type, capacity, life, etc); motor (Model specification, etc.)

For now, when producing, about the controller of load electric bike, effective protection of motor, battery and electronic brake controller, effective protection lights and brake system. Charger is also very important, better charger can prolong the life of the battery.

In addition, in the spare parts of load electric bike, the alarm is electronic remote alarm. Mainline is strong than other models, the spring shock absorber is a safe, comfortable, stable and comfortable ride for users. The quantity of load electric bike is also very strict, it uses reinforced heavy duty tube frame, faucet, horizontal fork and other iron pieces, make the complete load electric bike stronger and stronger.


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