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Let’s talk about the maintenance of heavy cargo electric motorcycle.
Feb 27, 2018

There is different from the electric motorcycle, heavy cargo electric motorcycle need load many things, so when we ride it, we need pay more attention on heavy cargo electric motorcycle. For now, heavy cargo electric motorcycle already became a vehicle, which can’t leave from our life.

On the road, we always see different clients ride different heavy cargo electric motorcycle. so how can we maintain it in our daily life? Here are some suggestions.

First, after we received the heavy cargo electric motorcycle, we need check the complete ebike. In order to ensure the ebike can use, we need check the fasteners and bearings carefully, whether the transmission parts can be flexible, the brake line is fastened, the brake pad into the oil and so on.

Second, we need consider some details that when charging heavy cargo electric motorcycle. It is serious that don’t put anything on the charger, it should be placed in the ventilating place, at the same time, to prevent liquid and metal particles from entering the charger to prevent fall and impact, so as not to cause damage.

Third,we also need do well on maintain the heavy cargo electric motorcycle. what is the maintenance in daily life? mainly is checking the ebike in advance. For example, check the ebike condition is good or not, the whole ebike has the different noise or not, the screw is loose or not, the battery is sufficient electricity or not.

Forth, Also make sure the tyres of heavy cargo electric motorcycle are inflating , in order to ensure the comfortable and life on the road. At the same time, it can prolong the life of heavy cargo electric motorcycle.

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