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Introduction to efficiency and efficiency of electric vehicles
Jan 29, 2019

The efficiency of an electric vehicle depends mainly on the efficiency of the motor, and its actual efficiency is also a comprehensive manifestation of the efficiency of the electric hub, the efficiency of the control system and the mechanical rotation loss. It can be reflected in the same battery, the length of the riding mileage under the same riding load condition, the high efficiency is long on the riding mileage, and the low efficiency is the opposite. For the user, the purchase of the more efficient electric vehicle is undoubtedly correct.


However, the efficiency of an electric vehicle should be within a certain range, because the motor efficiency is different under different torque states, expressed as a saddle-shaped curve. Some motors are more efficient at low power. Once the output torque increases, the efficiency value drops sharply. This type of car lives on a flat road with a fast speed. Once the uphill speed drops sharply, the power consumption level will also increase. The increase is in scope.


It can be seen that for electric vehicles, it is more accurate to use the efficiency interval to measure the rated efficiency of the vehicle, because the vehicle load is a very variable load, and its working point will follow the load state of the vehicle, the road gradient, and the running wind resistance. Great changes have taken place, and it is meaningless to pursue the efficiency of a certain work point and ignore the efficiency characteristics of the entire work area.


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