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Inspection skills for key components in electric motorcycles
Nov 08, 2018

Because the controller circuit in the electric motorcycle is the most complicated, the technical content is the highest, and it is difficult to repair once damaged. Therefore, high-reliability products should be used when purchasing cars, but the controllers are often concealed and generally not allowed to be opened for checking. In this case, we can check the performance of the controller by the test method.


During the test run, pay attention to the sensitivity of the electric motorcycle control system and whether it is stable when climbing or heavily loading for a long time. This is because the working current of the motor is supplied by the batteries via the controller. Of course, we also need to choose a battery with good stability. The battery is the power source of the whole vehicle.


The contents that we should pay attention to when selecting: 1. watching the date of manufacture, the closer to the date of delivery , the better; 2. Try to use the products of professional electric motorcycle battery factory; 3. Under the condition that battery case can be installed, try to choose large AH battery, because of its high cost ratio, long mileage.


In addition, we should choose chargers with high quality and perfect after-sales service guarantee. In general, the choice of electric motorcycles should also have a comfortable, safe and secure frame with beautiful appearance, as well as lighting, instruments and other equipment.

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