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In cold condition , The vehicle should charge the battery in time
Dec 25, 2017

1、In cold condition , The vehicle should charge the battery in time , No wait the battery

power off , which is not good for battery ,due to low temperature ,battery capacity will be influence .In common ,Summer ,battery one charge could use 3 days , Now ,should be one charge per day , Charge the battery in time please ,in case of your battery in damage . 

2、In low temperature , Electric bike can’t run long mileage , which not means battery broken , After temperature rise , this question will be solve . Ideal temperature for electric bike is 25℃, this is why electric bike could run longer in summer . But now ,temperature down quickly , Battery capacity also in down quickly . Upon temperature down to 0℃,battery capacity only have 70% .Less than 0℃ , temperature down 1 ℃, battery capacity also down 1% . After temperature rise ,battery capacity also will recovery . 

3、Electric bike start or climbing , Better people could offer little help or slowly
accelerate . In Winter , Accelerate not suddenly . Otherwise ,the battery easier to broken .

4、Charge battery ,please not in outdoor , and ensure within 10h , After electric charger signal lamps change from red color to Green color ,could charge extra 1-2h , But not long time charge , in case of battery broken .  

5、In winter , Battery capacity should more than 30% , and charge in time . In winter ,when driving  electric bike ,  the least battery capacity should more than 25% ,otherwise the battery will broken 

6、Monitor battery electric capacity ,not charge by “Quickly charger”,  “Quickly charger ”usually charge with high electricity ,which will broken the battery 

7、In winter ,When electric bike not often use , battery should charge one time per hour . People often forget to full charge the battery and bike not often use , Which will broken the battery  

8、When electric bike total mileage down too much , which should test by professional people . Lead acid battery in cold temperature ,if total mileage less than 10km , which should test by professional people , also your battery may have broken .

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