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How to maintance a electric tricycle
Jan 10, 2018

To make sure riding safe , user need check the brake power cut work or not , steps as : kick the stand ,open power , accelerating , then you can find the motor working , then brake left tightly , and the motor will stop working slow to silence .

If motor still working , it means there is problems , user could close the power , then asked repairing engineer to check and service . Just remember , before riding on the road , suggest check the battery cable socket connected well or not , power switch working normal or not , battery box locked well or not , horn , head light button even bulb working well or not.

Besides , about adjusting seat height , should based on rider’s foot on the ground when he/her sit on the seat .when filling the tire properly , knock the tire by hands , to make sure tire and wheel no gap , and to avoid slip . Also need check liberation condition .

We need also be careful about electric tricycle’s brake operating well . we can adjust the spring to reset brake , and keep enough distance between friction surface and expanding or caliper , also between grip and brake handle .

We need remind that when riding in cold weather , by the effect of cold air , battery capacity will be down , so same distance , battery easy to be exhaust sooner , so we can use pedals to last battery life .

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