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How to maintain the heavy load electric bike?
Mar 19, 2018

The heavy load electric bike has been very popular among the postmen cause this bike has many advantages such as strong structure, heavy load, flexible and fast, long range, fewer faults, starting power, good speed and good braking. And at present many manufacturers also further improve the after-sales service, so that Heavy load electric bike gets more and more attention.

Compared to other vehicles, the maintenance cost of the heavy load electric bike is less and has a longer service life. But in the daily use, we also need to maintain batteries well.Unlike other electric vehicles,this heavy load electric bikes have a higher requirement for the battery because of the heavy load.So that that requires us to pay more attention to the battery maintenance.

Next we will give you a brief introduction about battery maintenance methods of heavy load electric bike, I hope that these methods could be helpful in daily maintenance. Firstly, clean the dust and dirt on the battery box frequently, and should pay attention to keep the battery dry, clean, in case the battery discharges itself.

As a user, try your best to avoid excessive discharge of batteries in the daily using process, over discharge easily cause battery serious loss of electricity, which will seriously affect its service life. In addition, the battery in the heavy load electric bikes should be installed very well and prevent the battery damaged by vibration when using.

In addition to the above mentioned, in the use of heavy load electric bikes, need to control the actual load.  These are the points where we need to pay attention to when maintain heavy load electric bikes. If we can pay attention to these points, i believe that our electric vehicle can achieve a longer service life.

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