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How to correct charging electric motorcycles
Nov 26, 2018

It is easy to ride Electric motorcycles, and if you want to extend their battery lives, you should have a good habit of charging every day, and you should have a reasonable charging method. In addition to daily inspection and cleaning work, you need to pay more attention when charging.


The correct charging method and requirements for the electric motorcycles are as follows: first connect the output charger to the charging socket of the battery, and then connect the input power supply; when charging, the red indicator light on the charger indicates that the charging is normal. After charging, unplug the AC power supply and unplug the battery. Do not leave the charger unloaded on the AC power supply for a long time without charging.


If the battery box of the electric motorcycle is removed and can be charged, it must be placed in the original position after the charging is completed, in order to prevent the battery box from loosening and causing power failure; when the electric motorcycle is charging, it is forbidden to open the power lock to prevent the charger from being burned; Moreover, the surrounding environment should be ventilated and fire-free when charging. Be sure to use the charger that meets the configuration. It is forbidden to disassemble the battery box without authorization. The battery case can be easily handled to avoid vibration.

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