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How to choose the Luba heavyweight load electric vehicle?
Jan 30, 2018

For those who use the heavyweight load electric vehicle, there must be a lot of interest in choosing a product that is both easy to use and easy in repair. Imagine if you were to buy a low-quality heavyweight load electric vehicle, it will not only bring a lot of trouble to their travel, but also bring some unexpected security problems. So how do you choose exactly?

First of all, we should pay more attention to the manufacturers of heavyweight load electric vehicles, that is, to select a high-quality brand. In general, a good brand will pay more attention to the quality and details of the product and will also provide more in after-sales service. You know, good after-sales service will be able to avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles.

The next thing to pay special attention to is to check the quality of the accessories of the heavyweight load electric vehicle. It mainly includes the battery, charger, controller and other tubing parts.

As far as batteries are concerned, we should choose products with more suitable capacity and reliable performance. Preferably batteries made by regular manufacturers which will be more conducive to daily travel or delivery. As for motors, brushless motors are more likely to be chosen.

Finally, I would also like to remind you that when choosing and buying a heavyweight load electric vehicle, we must pay attention to the trial ride and feel the effect of riding in person in the process of trial riding. On the one hand, we should pay attention to feel the comfort of the vehicle. Like Shock absorber effect, riding smooth, brake tightness, lights, horn and other details.

Of course, we also need to consider the price of the heavyweight load electric vehicle, which is mainly determined by their own situation. In short, choose the easy to repair heavyweight load electric vehicle will be the best choice for the consumers.

I hope the above information can help you.

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