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Apr 28, 2018

People want choose one electric bike , but not know how to choose .due to many kinds of models , how to choose ? in fact , the quality of e-bike usually based its frame , electric motor , controller and etc .


Lets study these together, hope it will good reference to you . first of all , lets begin based on frame , frame’s quality is the first important ,only stable quality could meet our requirement ,before buying the bike ,we should check the frames’s widing , frame thickness , and etc .


Except this ,battery also should be noted , for ensure enough popwer and longger mileage ,the battery at least to be 72v20ah


Also electric motor should be attention , because the electric motor is the heart of the vehicle , one stable electric motor could ensure vehicle long terms use , electric motor power should be more than 500w , besides , good quality motor has very small noise , with strongger capacity of shock-proof ,which will not transform during long terms use , its loading capacity also will be stronger .


Electric controller is one of first importants parts for e-vehicle too , electric controller will control e-vehicle start ,runing ,frward/backward ,break and others fuction , vehicle speed is control by electric controller ,which control the motors running speed by controlling output electricity .


Finally , we also should pay attention to vehicle’s mileage , which useually by battery capacity . battery’s cpacity= battery’s voltage (v) * battery’s electricity (ah) . vehile running time = battery capacity /electric motors power .

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