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How to choose an electric motorcycle, which you are very pleased with.
Oct 13, 2018

When you are face to the big electric market, during the time we choose the electric motorcycle, not only according to our hobby and requirements to select the design and color, but also need ask the sale-after. The most important thing is choose electric motorcycle from their function.

Especially recent years, electric motorcycle developing faster and faster, at the same time the design and technology are developing. As we know, the 4 main parts of electric motorcycle are electric motor, battery, charger, and controller. Obviously, when you want to order the electric motorcycle need consider about these things.

First, we need pay more attention to the motor, this part is like a “heart”, there is not good motor, there is no good electric motorcycle. Next, a controller with a strong control, the motor’s open、close、speed all depend on controller. So a good controller is necessary.

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