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How can we make electric vehicles run further and save more money?
Jan 23, 2018

In the cities, traffic is becoming more and more serious and electric vehicles with the characteristics of convenience and fast speed for many people can provide more convenience. Electric vehicle is not only very environmentally friendly but also very flexible and convenient for people's daily life needs. But for most users, there is a lot of concern about the sustainability of electric vehicles, which is that everyone wants the ebikes to go further. So, how on earth can this requirement be fulfilled? Normally, this E-vehicle has a maximum range of 20 km to 50 km, so we should first identify the specific requirements.

In addition to the performance of the electric vehicle itself, the actual distance of the vehicle also has a lot to do with the user's operating habits. If you want to make the ebike run further in normal time. You should keep your speed down and try to keep it moving at a constant speed, this is because the power consumption will be greatly increased at the highest speed, this means that the distance will be shorter. In addition, Daily running at low and regular speed can not only prolong mileage, but also be an effective way to protect battery. Of course, in practical application, attention should be paid to many other details.

One of the key problems is the proper maintenance of batteries for electric vehicles. In general, the batteries should be recharged in time after use, do not place the battery for long time when the battery runs out, or it may seriously affect the battery life. In addition, take into account seasonal changes, this is because the performance of electric vehicle batteries is directly affected by ambient temperature. In winter, due to lower temperature the battery performance may decline. Therefore, when using electric vehicles in winter, especially when charging, appropriate protection measures should be taken to keep the vehicles indoors as far as possible.

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