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How can we make electric vehicles more durable?
May 23, 2018

Electric vehicle is a new type of transportation tool, It has some similarities and differences liken to bicycle in use. We know that electric vehicles are mainly driven by electricity. As a user, we hope to extend the use time of vehicles as long as possible. How can we make the vehicle more durable?


Of course, after we have chosen the right electric vehicle, its performance will be very much related to our daily usage habits. During the period of use, the correct practice is: 1、Pedal should be used first when it starts, and then it will be accelerated after reaching a certain speed;2、When upslope, heavy load, or against the wind, it should be combined with human cycling, this can avoid the battery's ultra large current discharge, It can not only extend the mileage of a single charge, but also prolong the life of the battery.


In case of bumpy or steep pavement, suggest slow down or get off the vehicle. In the case of low temperature in winter, it is advised to charge in time, preferably place the vehicle indoors. And during the daily riding, avoid overloading objects, be careful not to overload, use foot help when loading.


We know that most of the current users use electric vehicles mainly to solve the daily needs of transportation. And its own mileage will often be limited by battery capacity, usually 20 to 30 kilometers per ride, need to be charged once. It should be noted that the daily maintenance of the charger must be strengthened, because the service life of the battery is often closely related to the quality of the charger. In fact, many batteries often result in premature damage due to improper charging.


Comprehensive analysis of the above content can be seen, the service life of electric vehicles is closely related to their daily usage habits and charging habits. As users, we should pay attention to the above requirements if we want our electric vehicles to be more durable and easier to use.


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