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Enjoy riding mountain electric bikes
Jan 26, 2018

It is believed that the mountain electric bike is the first choice for many E-biker. For those who like to travel outdoors must want to experience the fun of mountain electric cycling, but to achieve this need to have some conditions.

First we should choose one of our favorite mountain electric bikes. We can choose one that not only has good mobility and off-road capability, but also offers a variety of models. This can easily conquer the outdoor mountain, forest and other road conditions, help you easily fulfill their dreams.

With the demand of users and the market, people pay more and more attention to the weight of mountain electric bikes when they design them. Not only that, but also because of the improvement of technology. At present, the damping structure of this type of vehicle has also been improved to improve the comfort of the users.

Next, we'll share some of the gear tips of mountain electric bikes. If you use the right gear properly, you can not only overcome the problem of changing terrain, but also can easily conquer steep slope, let our mountain biking have more fun. In fact, the mountain electric bike itself has the ability to change gears to help us move up steep slopes with fixed force. Usually these ebikes have a three-speed front wheel and a nine-speed rear flywheel. In theory, there are 27 combinations. It is important to note that you want to keep the gear utility of mountain electric bikes in optimal condition. So the gear choice between the front gear and the rear flywheel must keep the chain in a straight line as far as possible so that in the process of riding the mountain electric bicycle will be able to enjoy the fun of riding better.

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