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Electric motorcycle though high quality ,still need notice safety
Jan 11, 2018

Electric motorcycle with cool version and stronger power appeal to more and more people .Based on technology developing ,electric motorbike total quality improve step by step ,But also should take care of driving safety .


First of all , during driving , you should drive in suitable speed .In fact ,each bike has its self safety speed .Electric bike in high speed ,which will difficult to break ,result to dangerous .

Besides , keep suitable driving speed , which will ensure longer mileage .Due to high speed , which will result to accellerated speed loos ,finally battery power loss much more ,which will result to mileage shorter  


Except this ,also should observe break problem . No break suddenly , try to ensure safety driving .Also good for battery , For example , before arrive crossing ,you should break in advance ,which could ensure break safety .


Whats more , inspection vehicle in time is also necessary .Especially check front shocker and its parts ,because  urgency break ,which will bring impact force to front shocker , which not good for front shocker .


Finally ,people should observe driving , hope you happy driving .

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