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Electric motorcycle standard requirement.
Aug 25, 2018

First, when assembling electric motorcycle, must be according to the manual, must not be misplaced or missing. Next, each spare parts should be fastened, the rotating parts can be operated flexibly; and each symmetrical component must not be significantly skewed; the shifting device and braking system configured in the electric vehicle should be assembled and flexible.

After finished assemble, need check the spare parts: speed handle——Bearings Sets, Steering Stem——Front Wheel Axle——Front Tyre——Seat——Rear Wheel Axle——Rear Tyre——Right & Left Footrest——Bracket, Taillight——Rear Reflector.

Otherwise, must be pay more attention to the front and rear brake system, ensure that the brakes are effective and flexible; at the same time also need check front tyre, rear tyre, front Fender, rear Fender and lights.

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