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Electric motorcycle driving skills
Jan 30, 2019

For safety reasons, electric motorcycles should concentrate on driving, drive carefully, find unexpected situations, and make timely adjustments. The starting should be stable, especially in the snow and ice road driving, because the adhesion is very small, the driving wheel is easy to slip and idling. Therefore, at the start, the clutch should be slightly stopped in the semi-coupling state, the throttle valve should be moderately matched, so that the engine can output less power without extinguishing the flame, so as to reduce the torque of the driving wheel to adapt to less adhesion. Avoid getting started and slipping.


Secondly, it is necessary to control the speed of the electric motorcycle. Generally, the speed is mastered in combination with the actual situation of the road and the condition of the vehicle and the technical proficiency of the operator. Generally, the medium speed is better. When the vehicle is going uphill, it should be lower than the normal use of the gear according to the slope. The timing of the downshift should be earlier than usual to avoid dragging.


It is best to keep it at a constant speed during driving, so don't let it go. It is recommended that you also pay attention to the choice of driving route. For example, when turning, you should reduce the speed of the electric motorcycle and slow the direction to avoid excessive turning and causing side slip.

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