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Electric motorcycle and electric motorcycle are two concepts
Sep 14, 2017

First, electric motorcycle, it actually is a kind of motorcycle, is a branch of the motorcycle, because electric motorcycle is a new series, so it is a new motorcycle family members; But the power is on the basis of the electric vehicle, a part of the improvement to achieve a similar effect and the name of the motorcycle, also known as electric scooters, but it does not belong to the motorcycle.

Second in a lot of some of the details of the two is very different, for example, in both the configuration of the structure and materials, etc., because electric motorcycle itself is to belong to a kind of motorcycle, so many properties of natural electric motorcycle is superior to the electric motorcycle, especially the power and speed of the electric motorcycle significantly stronger than the electric motorcycle, for the longer than the electric motorcycle, electric bicycle line continuation mileage, stronger gradeability.

Electric vehicles new gb will come sooner or later, and the new national standard for electric vehicle speed, weight, size have detailed provisions, the future standard electric bicycle as a manage non-motor vehicles, and electric motorcycle and electric motorcycle entirely carried out in accordance with the motor vehicle management. Predictably, in the current and future, the motorcycle market is severely shrinking, instead of electric bikes, electric scooters.

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