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Driving skills of novice electric vehicles on the road
Sep 21, 2018

Nowadays, more and more electric vehicle users, this kind of vehicle riding is more convenient, so what should we pay attention to when we first learn to drive an electric vehicle when we are on the road? First of all, the drivers must wear safety helmets and equipment when electric vehicles are on the road, protect your life and check whether the brakes are sensitive.


During driving, we must obey the traffic rules and drive safely, No motorized carriageway should be allowed to go, and non motorized vehicles should be taken according to the regulations, keep driving at safe speed. Note that the rearview mirror of electric vehicles shouldn’t be removed at will. Therefore, with the help of the rearview mirror, it can help us understand the traffic conditions in the rear area.


As a novice, travel as little as possible when it rains, the number of trips at night should also be reduced because of the visual impairment, and drivers should remember to turn on the rear lights of electric vehicles at night. Do not arbitrarily change the road, do not compete with motor vehicles (person and iron will not win).

turn the turn signal in advance when turning. Don't be afraid to drive on the road, be bold and cautious, look at the surrounding situation, don't look down.



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