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Difference between electric vehicles
Dec 07, 2018

At present, there are many varieties of electric vehicles in the market, and the quality is different. At the same time, the important components - the quality of the battery and charger are also different. Some charger manufacturers pursue fast charging. They charge with a large current of 2A or more. So the chemical reaction inside the battery is fierce, and oxygen escapes from the one-way valve, which easily causes the battery to lose water. When the battery is over-charged, the velocity of the oxygen generation is faster than the recombination velocity, which reduces the oxygen recombination rate, but in the floating state, the oxygen can reach 100% recombination rate.

It can be seen that if the battery is over-discharged or undercharged for a long time, it will greatly reduce the effective capacity of the battery, affect the life of the battery, and make it difficult to maintain the range of the electric vehicle. Not only that, the range is closely related to its motor.

For electric vehicles, the motor is the only power source and it has different structure. No matter in which form, the factor affecting the performance of electric bicycles is mainly the difference in output torque, which affects the climbing ability, load capacity, static starting ability and wind resistance of electric

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