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Detailed description of the correct charging method for electric tricycle
Nov 29, 2018

Electric tricycles have always been loved by users, and the cruising range of vehicles is closely related to the performance and charging methods of chargers. As a user, we need to master the correct charging method. First, when charging, plug the charging plug into the socket. At this time, the battery indicator light is on. Then, connect the power plug to the 220V socket and turn on the current switch, the power indicator light is on, and the ammeter has instructions.

In the charging of electric tricycles, when the charging indicator is on, the capacity of the battery is about 80%. The ammeter indicates that the value is decreasing or close to zero. At this time, please continue to charge for a small current for 2-3 hours, which can be fully charged. If fast charging is used, the charging current must not exceed 18A (it is not recommended to use high current charging for a long time, otherwise the life of the charger and battery will be shortened). 

If the charger of the electric tricycle is not working properly, it is recommended to check whether the 220V plug is in good contact and whether the fuse is blown. For long-term use, checking and cleaning the charging plug and socket to ensure good contact.

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