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Correct use and maintain batteries of electric motorcycles
Oct 20, 2017

As a user, if you can let batteries’ characteristics be combined with effective protective measures, then, not only could extend batteries’ life, but also could improve the efficiency of electric motorcycles. So do you know how to do? Let’s begin to analyze the content of this aspect, hope it could help you.

Before that, we need to figure out something. We emphasize this matter, that how to use it correctly and how to maintain lead-acid batteries, mainly because it will have a great impact on batteries’ capacity and life. At the same time, it is also very import to choose suitable charging method. So we need select right chargers. So that when we charge the batteries, it will have a good protect.

We must pay attention to one problem, all the chargers must be suitable for batteries. In addition, in our daily life, we should have a good habit, don’t wait for the electricity to run off, we start to charge the electric motorcycles. Otherwise, it will have a great negative impact on the batteries. 

One more thing need to remind, as a user, we need balanced maintenance charging electric motorcycle. In this way, we could preventing battery from inactivation, as usual, once a month. In addition, during the charging, we should remember the charge time, don’t charge to more, because this active will damage the batteries.

When we charge the electric motorcycles, we need to notice the impact of temperature. The temperature different, the performance also different. When the temperature is low, the performance of the electric motorcycles’ battery will be reduced, it is better to charge indoors.

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