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Common sense and note when you order electric tricycles.
May 24, 2018

According to the using way, we can divide three kind of electric tricycle: household type, freight type, factory type. From all the types, the most popular is household type electric tricycle or freight type electric tricycle, so for clients,what need to pay more attention on electric tricycle when order it?

First, when choose the electric tricycle, we need check the outlook, paint and electroplating surface, ensure it is no problem. Second, ride the electric tricycle according to the user guide, to check complete electric tricycle when it work: For example, whether the transition is smooth, the start has a sense of impact, the wheel is flexible, there is no hysteresis, the wheel is soft, the sound is different, the brake looseness is moderate, whether the brake is sensitive and reliable.

Next, check the design of frame electric tricycle is right or not,  the material standard. That is because the strong frame will decide all the electric tricycle,if the frame not strong enough, for a long time using, the frame will be broken.

In this process, we also need try to change the front and rear brake, ensure the brake is useful. And also ride again, check the handle bar.

As a client, when you ride the electric tricycle, in order to lengthen the life of electric tricycle, the bolt should be fastened regularly to ensure that there is no loosening or falling off. If necessary, anti rust solution should be applied to avoid corrosion of screws. At the same time, the electric tricycle should be kept clean and stored, charging battery in time.

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