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Common problems and methods of electric bicycle
Sep 14, 2017

1. The battery can not be charged or charged.

1 battery life termination: replace or repair the battery;

2 battery internal insurance fuse: replace fuse;

3. Bad contact between the battery insurance pipe and the insured seat: adjust the position of the two to make it contact well, or replace the insurance pipe;

4. No output voltage or output voltage of the charger: replace or repair the charger;

5 charger and ac 220V power supply contact: reconnect power supply;

6 chargers indicator abnormal filling: replace or repair the charger.

2. The power indicator on the dashboard is not bright and the motor is operating normally.

No voltage between the positive and negative lead of the dial: contact with the plugin or the wire break: reconnect or change the line;

2. Damage to the luminescent pipe: replace or repair the luminous tube;

The circuit board of the 3 dial circuit is broken: replace or repair the instrument circuit board.

3. Stop when the motor is turned.

1 battery power shortage: charge the battery;

2 battery contact maladjustment: adjusting contact position or grinding contact;

3. Bad contact between the insurance pipe and the insurance cover in the battery box: adjust or replace it well;

4. The speed adjusting hand has dirt in the sensitive tube of the inner sensitive plate: cleaning or replacing the sensitive film, and wiping the photosensitive tube, still cannot troubleshoot the fault: change the speed adjusting hand handle;

The controller has faults: replace or repair the controller;

6. The speed regulating hand may break the lead: replace or repair the lead;

7 brake failure: adjust or replace the brake power switch;

8. Poor contact after power lock ablation: replace or repair power locks;

Connect the connector in line 9: reconnect to make it contact well;

10 motor inner carbon brush, wire, winding virtual welding, virtual connection: repair or replace the motor.

4. Turn on the power, the controller works normally, turn on the handle, the motor does not turn.

1 check whether the speed regulating line is off by the right hand, and whether the controller or motor connector falls off;

Switch off the power without power.

5. Cycling is arduous and slow.

1 check whether the brake is dead or not;

2. Whether the pressure of the inner tube is suitable;

3 battery voltage is sufficient;

Whether to exceed the limit slope or the top wind.

Short range.

1 battery long-term placement: please replace the battery first;

2 tyre pressure is not sufficient: air;

3 check whether the brake is too tight and friction rim: adjust the brake;

4 battery charging is sufficient: supplementary charging;

5. Whether or not the wind is up or down;

Whether the temperature is too cold: the battery can't produce energy.

7. Use the key to turn on the power of the door lock. The power indicator on the dashboard is not bright.

1. Fuse on battery box: replace fuse;

2. Bad contact of fuse on battery box: adjust fuse tube to make it contact well;

3. Contact contact on the battery box: adjust the contact to make it contact well;

4 battery box contact burn: replace the new contact;

5 electric door lock burning: replace the new electric door lock;

6 battery cable break in battery box: update the wiring;

7 battery internal break: replace or repair the battery;

8 electric door lock leads or contact leads to break or contact: rewiring.

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